ZiddySticks – giving people with Parkinson’s the courage + confidence to move forward.

[THE ISSUE] Parkinson’s disease is notorious for robbing people of doing the things they love because walking and balance is compromised. When a poor gait, leg and arm swing emerge and leg drag is present there is a tendency is to stay put – and that’s when Parkinson’s gets the upper hand.

[THE SOLUTION] ZiddySticks are designed to get you up and moving. With the help of a partner, ZiddySticks will normalize your gait, promote better posture, arm swing, and a longer stride – critical aspects of walking confidently with balance and overcoming dangerous shuffling.

This is No ordinary stick

Part engineering. Part neuroscience. Totally unique.

At first glance ZiddySticks look rather ordinary. But for those who use them regularly they are life-changing.

ZiddySticks are manufactured to help patients chart a new path of walking while tapping neural pathways simultaneously. It means they are designed to actively retrain the brain as the body relearns proper walking function. How does that happen? Learn what makes them unique.

Beyond Parkinson’s

ZiddySticks for Surgical Rehabilitation

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