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What makes Scott Rider’s story so extraordinary and resonate deeply with people isn’t the accomplishments, but the unforeseen setback – the reality check that requires an honest assessment about how to move forward and forge a lasting legacy.

A few words about Scott

Scott was a world-class runner with the awards and recognition to back it up: A two-time All-American, and three-time Big Ten Conference champion. He also set the 800 Meter record at The Ohio State University in 1982 – a record that still stands today. His name is etched in the history books alongside the likes of Butch Reynolds and Jesse Owens.

While few could catch Scott on the track, there’s one thing that proved to be a formidable foe: Parkinson’s disease – something that would ultimately derail Scott’s lifelong joy of running.

A Parkinson’s diagnosis, devastating as it is, has revealed an opportunity to find a renewed sense of urgency; of purpose and intention. Always driven to be the best version of himself – as a husband, a father of three, as a business owner, student of life, and of course, a competitor – Scott is moving beyond the achievements of yesterday. He’s adapting to a reality that is as ever present as a subtle hand tremor, the slightly slower pace of his walk. He’s finding joy by logging those same familiar miles he once ran, but now on a bicycle.

Acceptance comes harder. Giving up the things he loved only to recognize everyday mundane tasks as the day’s new challenges doesn’t come easy. But Scott has never been one to take himself out of the race or to back down from larger-than-life challenges. He’s fighting back, winning new battles each day. And with a strong faith and commitment to persevere in the face of adversity, perhaps Scott’s greatest achievements are playing out in front of us – right now.

In this new chapter of life for Scott, it’s no longer about setting records, winning trophies and accumulating wins. Today there are decidedly fewer accolades, but the ones he does receive – they matter more. Even for this competitor at heart, Scott understands that it’s not about winning or losing – it’s about the willingness to stay in the game, regardless of circumstances. And, more important than ever, it’s about those remarkable individuals who stand beside and behind him, cheering him on every small step of the way.

Scott’s incredible can-do spirit is a testament to what a life well-lived can look like. He is – in a word – inspiring. And he’s willing to share the depth and details of his story with others, wherever they are and against whatever odds they face.



Scott speaks to selective groups that desire someone who will be real, vulnerable and challenge the way an audience thinks. He’s looking for meaningful connection and smart alignment between him and those who take in his story. And, unlike many on the speaking circuit, he doesn’t ask for any speaking fees to benefit himself, but instead to Parkinson’s research – to demonstrate to others who are fighting alongside him that there is reason to hope and people who care.

A Call To Action

When Scott was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, many things crossed his mind. Financial security wasn’t one of them.

Scott knew a thing or two about the importance of disability insurance – not just advocating for it, but also owning it. He couldn’t grasp why people invested in insurance to protect everything in case of death, but didn’t think the same way about life-shattering scenarios in which they continued to live. He found that it was less of a matter of choice, but instead an issue of awareness.

No able-bodied individual envisions that moment when they become disabled or unable to work. So when Scott arrived in this foreign place with the right policies in place, he knew he had to become an agent of change.

Scott now addresses thousands of insurance agents each year on the practicality of owning and advocating for this vital policy that enables a life and lifestyle to go forward without a heavy financial burden.

Scott Rider, CLU, CFBS, AEP, is the founder of Rider + Reinke Financial Group, LLC., in Hilliard, Ohio, which he established in 1988. For nearly 30 years he helped guide individuals, families and business owners in making their most important financials decisions. He recently sold his equity stake in the firm to devote more time to the things that matter most in his life.



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